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The Human Life-Table Database (HLD) is a collection of life tables for a multitude of populations covering many years. Most of the HLD life tables are for national populations produced by national statistical offices. Some of the HLD life tables refer to certain regional or ethnic sub-populations. Some of the HLD life tables are non-official life tables produced by researchers. The HLD documents the evolution of human mortality by providing a quantitative life-table description of mortality patterns. The HLD is part of the Human Mortality Database project.

At present the HLD contains 12792 life tables for 142 countries or areas. Data can be downloaded as one aggregated file, an aggregated file for the selected country or subpopulation, or as single tables. Please note that by downloading the HLD data you agree to be bound to the terms of the user agreement.


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Database updated: 1195 life tables added.

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